Updated Mar 16, 2024 | About /now pages

Writing a programming language interpreter

I’ve finished going through Crafting Interpreters (which is a great book, I highly recommend it).

I ported my clox implementation all to very unsafe Rust, which I know worked thanks to the book’s great test suite. I then tried to port it all to safe Rust, but I got stuck at the garbage collector. In retrospect, it makes sense that a garbage collector would have to be memory-unsafe because it’s the thing that’s tasked with enforcing memory safety in the first place.

I’m still interesting in overengineering a programming language, and now I have some better knowledge and techniques to use as I do it. I’ll be starting again from a clean slate Soon™.

Currently Playing: Games from SMW Central’s Questionable HackJam #1

So far, I’ve played Reverie and some of BEET JAM, and they’re both ~questionable~ great. I watched some Twitch streamers play through some of the others, so I probably won’t play all of them myself.

Once I’ve had enough questionability, I’ll go back to the relative safety of the Kaizo Easy classics.