Updated Apr 23, 2021 | About /now pages

I’m working at Stytch!

I’m trying out the early-stage startup thing to see how it feels. I like it so far! 😄 I’ve been telling people that I’m excited to write code that someone else will regret in five years.

Firehose is still in alpha

My hobby project for the last couple years has been building myself a web-content firehose. It’s had two goals:

  1. Help me break my habit of actually reading every open tab.
  2. Be a playground to learn the web stack I’m using at work.

So far, it’s been good for both! You can read about the philosophy on the website. It’s not open for signups yet, but I’ll update here once I get Stytch integrated for logins 😉

Currently Playing: Super Mario World Romhacks

Right now, I’m playing through Quickie World.