Updated Jan 9, 2024 | About /now pages

Starting a programming language implementation

I’m interesting in learning more about how modern programming languages are implemented, so I want to start a project where I overengineer all of the “real” modern programming tools for a language that has no real reason to have them.

I’ve started by going through Crafting Interpreters, which has been an awesome experience so far! I highly recommend it.

I’ve ported my clox into rlox, which is a terrifyingly unsafe line-by-line port from the book’s guided implementation in C. My goal is to replace at least some of the unsafe blocks (if only to make me feel better) and then decide on some small language features to add.

I’ll be looking for collaborators soon, so tell me if you’re interested!

Currently Playing: Hollow Knight

I love a good Metroidvania, and this one is great! Every game in the genre has a point where you’re properly overpowered and should totally go beat the final boss instead of going and collecting all the items that are now available. I’m there, and I’m still delaying the discovery of what’s in that boss room. 🙈