Raspberry Pi 400

Published Nov 2, 2020

I heard about the Raspberry Pi 400 release today! I’ve always been supportive of the Raspberry Pi project because so much of my childhood (and life afterward) was defined by having access to a home computer. What’s especially cool is that this Pi-in-a-keyboard still exposes the GPIO pins, so it’s probably a great prototyping platform for Pi-based projects. I wonder if they’re working on a Pi Laptop….

In related news, I finally started using the Raspberry Pi Model B that I’ve had since ~2012. I’m using it to play music in my apartment’s living room (main room? It’s the kitchen too!) using Mopidy. I tried using the Pi MusicBox distribution, but I ran into problems with its Spotify integration. I debugged it by trying to re-roll it from the official Raspberry Pi OS and Mopidy, and it just worked! So that’s just what it’s running now.

I’ve noticed some slowness when the Pi is playing music and holding an SSH session at the same time, so maybe I need to buy a newer Pi. I hear they have built-in wifi now! Then I’ll have to make sure I use the old Pi for something again without waiting 8 years 😂